Muscle Tachometer
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This new muscle gauge is 60mm diameter. With special dial surface printing technology, this gauge has a metallic tone dial plate with concave scales and fine circular hairlines that give a premium texture, and by using the high light-transmitting glass, this instrument has a stunning appearance and performance. At the same time, perfect programming and excellent quality can well meet your requirements, such as fast response, available buzzer, dimming, 9 colours options etc.


This gauge uses 8 pieces of high-quality LEDs as the backlight,  it brings a high brightness backlit in the daytime, and the brightness will be reduced to suit your eyes when you turn on the headlight in the nighttime. The gauge has the red Warning LED, it will blink and the buzzer will sound in the meantime when the oil pressure is lower than the setting value, and the blue PEAK LED will display the highest value for 3 seconds when you turn off the engine.

9 Color Options

This gauge can display White, Red, Purple, Sky Blue, Yellow, Blue, Gold, Teal, Green and Pink. You can adjust one solid colour or 10 colour cycle display. It's easy to adjust the colour of the gauge to match your factory dash lights or create a custom look inside of your car or truck. With the Color Memory feature, you won’t have to reset the colour of the gauge every time you turn on your vehicle.

Daytime/Nighttime light

There are two modes for the brightness and colour setting: Daytime mode and Nighttime mode. You can set the different colours and brightness in different two modes, then you can turn on/off the headlight to switch between Daytime and Nighttime modes after you connect the Yellow wire( in the power cable) to the headlight fuse.

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What Are the Benefits of the Tachometer?

  • First, use the tachometer to determine whether the car starts. Nowadays, the noise of car engines is very low, almost at zero decibels. Sometimes in a slightly noisy environment, it is difficult for us to determine whether the engine has been started by the sound. Some beginners will make misjudgments and may restart the engine. , causing damage to the motor of the car. The correct way is to observe the tachometer of the car. When the car is not running, if it is in an idle state, the pointer of the tachometer will indicate a position above 700 rpm. If the vehicle has not started, the pointer will point to the zero scales.

  • Second, determine the timing of shifting a manual transmission car. When some beginners drive a manual transmission car, the embarrassing phenomenon of the vehicle stalling often occurs, which is the timing of not mastering the shift. The correct way is to release the clutch slowly when the engine speed is less than 1000 rpm and start in 1st gear. When the engine speed is between 1000 rpm and 2000 rpm, change to the second gear and drive when the engine speed reaches 2000 rpm. When the speed of the engine reaches between 3000 rpm and 4000 rpm, change to the fourth gear and drive when the engine speed reaches between 4000 rpm and 5000 rpm. When driving in fifth gear, if the speed is low and high, the engine will stall, and if the speed is low, the engine will make a huge roar.

  • Third, the safe working area of the engine is displayed. The tachometer of the car rotates clockwise, from low to high, showing the rotation speed of the engine. If the pointer points to the red marked part on the tachometer, it means that your car's engine is already running at a high speed, reaching more than 6000 rpm, which is too high for a long time. The speed will cause the lubrication function of the engine to be abnormal, and the heat dissipation system will be overburdened, which will cause great damage to the engine.


  • One year limited warranty and free lifetime tech support. You will also have access to an unrivalled customer support experience in the event you have any questions about our gauges, pods and accessories.

Gauge Series: Muscle Series
Gauge Type: Tachometer
Range of Reading: 0-9000
Face Color: Black
Size: 60mm
Lens: Clear
Backlighting Color: 9 Colors
Sending Unit: without sensor
Measurement Unit: Standard
Display: Analog


  • 60mm (2-3/8”) Tachometer x 1 piece
  • Power Harness x 1 piece
  • Connect wire x 1 piece
  • Gauge cup x 1 piece
  • Signal wire x 1 piece
  • double sided tape x 1 piece
  • Buffer x 1 piece
  • Installation Instructions x 1 piece

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